The S Pearl Street mural is coming to a close. With the addition of a few more people, this historical and nostalgic piece will be ready to varnish and be complete. Almost 1000 sq ft of cinder block is covered with acrylic and latex paint. My hope is that it creates a scene that someone may envision from the 1930's in this same area of S Pearl St. The viewpoint is from inside the trolley car. Outside the windows are business that would have been here at this time: 5 & 10 Store, Bakery, Tailor, Pharmacy, Barber and a few trees and view of the Rocky Mountains.

It's been an incredible journey. I'm so thankful for all the wonderful support I've received from The Greenway Foundation, Comunale Properties, S Pearl Street Merchants, local business support and oodles of encouraging commentary from the passerby's. I'll miss seeing you and talking to you each day!


conductor in progress.jpg
jeff and barber shop in progress.jpg